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*Pup Safety

Have you ever driven past a car with a little dog hanging his head out the window?  What happens if you stop quickly? Allot of dogs prefer to be on the passenger side of the car or the backseat.  In those places there is no one holding them to keep them a bit more safe than being by themselves.  Consider a small investment to keep them safe & purchase a car seat or restraint. There are several styles available & prices out there. They may not like it at first, but at least you know they will be safe and that's whats the most important.

*Potty Training your pooch

An easy method to potty train is to put a small bell towards the bottom of your door your going to use for them to go out each time.  Every time you get ready to take him/her out to potty, ring the bell each time. The dog will associate the bell with going out to "do their thing" & in no time will do the bell ringing on their own!

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You could buy 7 years of heartworm prevention for less than the cost

of treating your dog 1 time for having heartworms.

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