With all the visibility we had with the pups that have frostbite, Miracle the kitty that was being consumed by fleas and completely malnourished & all our other devastating crisis situations we have seen, some of our "shares" were well over 30,000 people from just our 3,200 Facebook page community. It was amazing to have that outpouring of love & concern for the tragic stories & photos that we share as well as all the little fur babies... that are thriving, healthy & just waiting patiently for a forever home. We, as animal lovers share the good & the bad stories with friends & family. I am going to put forth this idea.

We are really needing to be able to start building our shelter when the weather is warm so that we have it for next winter since we got nowhere near the funds we needed to make it this season.(The $400.00 we did already receive was a great start but not enough for a deposit to a builder) We have a gofundme.com account that was set up last July. Its easy to find, just do a search of our name, North Country Animal Shelter Malone. https://www.gofundme.com/g8a2gu66p7y
The photo shows a similar style we're hoping for, but larger.

If anyone would consider donating even $5.00 to our cause and share the $5.00 challenge with friends & family we could meet our goal in no time I'm certain. Thanks for considering being part of the challenge. ~Michele Knudsen / North Country Animal Shelter Volunteer. **if you can think of any other way we can raise additional funds, please feel free to let me know!​​

North Country Animal Shelter 

194 Bare Hill Road

Malone, NY 12953


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