This is a photo after the visit to the vet to get the wound cleaned out & he was then put on antibiotics. We brought him back to the shelter to continue wound care.

This shows a large abscess on the chest of the dog. It was caused by old dog bites.

Feeling Fabulous! HE'S READY FOR ADOPTION!

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Hobbs is most likely Happy he ran away one cold rainy day, in March. His ears were severely infected with a yeast infection. They were oozing blood and puss. On his side was a large growth that he had a habit of licking that was also severely infected. If that wasn't bad enough he also had a big hole in his gum above one of his upper canines. It was showing the root of the tooth. After the pulling the tooth there was a very big hole from a long term abscess. The tooth had chipped at some point and had abscessed months previously.

Hobbs now is healed and looks so good and so very happy being pain free. The grooming was necessary to show his true beauty and to prepare for his surgery.

Please people, pay attention to the medical needs of your pets. Dental work when needed is very important as it can lead to other more severe health issues. Your pet needs a yearly check up with their veterinarian. To not treat your pets medical issues which happened to Hobbs, can lead to a Charge of Cruelty to Animals.

It is unfortunate that animals accept their life as it is good or bad with no complaint. But then just maybe Hobbs was looking for help the day he ran away.

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This is Chuckie. He's 7 or 8. So much happier in a place of love.

We were faced with a hoarding situation that required us to take in 29 dogs all at once.  21 adults & 8 puppies. Several were underweight & several had wounds that  would take some time  to heal. Here is an example.

After a few days in our care we brought him back to the vet and he is recovering well with antibiotics and a lot of love.

Leaving with his new family. Such a happy ending to a sad beginning!