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North Country Animal Shelter 

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Malone, NY 12953


Adopting a pet is a commitment

There are a number of people who adopt a pet on a "whim". That is never a good idea. When there is a family, all members need to discuss adopting a pet. The entire family will be responsible for their pet and keeping it safe.  We all hear stories of someone giving a pet to someone as a gift for a birthday, Christmas etc. Just because the gift-giver thinks its a great idea and their friend or family always wanted one, doesn't mean that its the right time for them. Remember if your giving a pet as a gift, your not the one that will be potty training, making a point of going on walks, expenses of food, veterinary bills.

Submitting your adoption form 

Print out the form and complete it. You can take it to the shelter with you to meet the dog or cat your interested in. Or if you chose you can fill it out, scan it and email it back to the shelter at .

There are sometimes more than one application for only 1 pet. All applications that came in at the same time are reviewed for complete information. Partially completed applications will not be considered. 

If you have a pet already at home, its best that you bring in your current pet for a "meet & greet" with the pet you are considering adding to your family. 

All animals are spay/neutered & current on shots  prior to adoption . There are no exceptions for any reason.