Rosco is a 2-3 year old. He's a happy dog!

 Charlie is a young 1-2 year old.  How about those eyes? Who can resist!

 Shyanne is a full grown Beagle Mix.  Her age is not known. She was removed from a hoarder. She is loved by the staff. Oh so sweet.

Balto is a an older Husky mix.  He's a good boy.

Poor Lily. She's 4 or 5 years old. She was attacked by another dog & had to have her right eye removed due to the damage the meanie did to her. Because of what she's been through she is very afraid of other dogs & cats and MUST be the only animal in the house. She loves to cuddle. She would be would be awesome company for an older person who wants & needs a companion.

King is a beauty. He was found wandering around Burger King, thats how he got his name :)   Beautiful blue eyes, smart & sweet.

Brustus is a 5 year old Beagle. Cute or what??

Here are 8 puppies, 7 Week old (as of this post 8/30) Boxer Mix pups. We will take applications but they are not yet ready to go home. I will post a few seperate photos.


Arianna is a Maltese Mix. She's 3 or 4 years old. She loves people & other pets.

Gizmo is an older Pekingese mix. She's very sweet.

 Cute Falcon is a mixed breed.  He's about 1 or 2 years old. He's very friendly.

TA - DA!! Isn't he beautiful? 

Stella is a  young German Shepherd mix sweet girl.  

North Country Animal Shelter 

194 Bare Hill Road

Malone, NY 12953


Dakota  is a 10 month old Akita. He's very sweet  with people BUT he needs  to be the ONLY dog.

Abby is y sweet. She is young, about 1. She loves people BUT has to be the ONLY dog in the family.

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 This is Pebbles! She is one of the sweet little princesses at the shelter (there are many). She is a Chihuahua that is maybe 1-2 years old. 

‚Äč                                                  **These Photos are very hard to look at ** Till the end!
Yet another sad story. This is Sully. He was picked up after wandering on the side of the road covered with blood. His eye was sticking out. He lost his left eye.  After getting picked up he was rushed to the vet. His photos are hard to look at but he definitely looks better than when he got picked up. Although he's obviously been thru hell, he is a wonderful dog. He's well mannered. The vet staff and the vet fell right in love with him as did everyone at the shelter. The photos at the end are his current look. He's come a very long way since he was found. We want to thank everyone who donated to us for his eye surgery. You are amazing!

Say hi to Sky!  A very sweet mix breed. She's 3 years old. 


We have several young & adult cats available for adoption. Here are a few sweeties waiting for a family!  There are both boys & girl to chose from.  We are at capacity until some get adopted.

This is Tally.  Collie mix. She's very sweet. Young, about 1-2 years old.

Arianna is a Maltese Mix. She's around 3-4 years old.  She loves people & other pets!

Paisley is a Husky Mix.  She has one blue eye, but you can't see it in the photo. She's a young girl.

 Marley is  a sweet Pittbull & about 3 years old.