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Say hello to Josie! She's a beautiful Beagle. Such a sweet girl. She's 1 year old. 

Zoey is a small  young breed.

This Wallie!  He is a  1 year old mix. What is he a mix of? We have no idea, but he is very cute.

7 months old (as of April)

Say hello to Beans!  He's a  3 1/2 months GSD mix.


Both are young. The black & white is a long hair.

Cute little Pug, but she can't b e in a home with  Children.

Jasmine is 1 or 2 year old Lab/Rottie mix. Cute!

Sadie was a stray. She's a young mix breed.

1 Year old Male, Long Hair

Moose is a Great Dane Mix, 11 months old.

Maggie is a 4 year old Bassett. She's not been spayed yet.

See our Facebook Page for the most up to date, or visit us back here for more photos to be posted soon!!

8 months old (as of April)

Both are young.

Titus is a 1 -1/2 year old GSD as of July.

We have several young & adult cats available for adoption. Here are a few sweeties waiting for a family!  There are both boys & girl to chose from.

This is Parker! He's a Lab Mix cutie-pie. Just 6 months old, as of this post (5/18)

This little girl is a TOY Beagle! She's about  1 year old.

This is Hoodney. He's a 1 year old make Pitbull .

Katie is a 6 month old Beagle / Jack Russell mix.

Say hello to Squirt. He's a Boxer / Great Dane mix. Just 6 months old as of July.

Zora is 10 months old and she's a GSD mix.