Say hi to Lacie! She is the mom to the 3 Collie Mix pups. She's only about a year old. Who can resist that face!

This little girl is a 1 year old Pitt Bull. She's very friendly. She's had puppies in the past, but she's happy that it can never happen again!!

Snoopy! a small Beagle about 1 year old. He's a sweet boy!

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Dazzler a young Male Pitt bull. Sweet boy. How he got that name, he has no idea. But it does mean "arouses admiration with his brilliant qualities." He was a stray but very nice dog. When he gets adopted, he's hoping to be renamed :)

This is Poco. He's a large Chihuahua & very friendly. Already neutered and ready for adoption!

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Opie is about 3 years old. He's a Terrier/beagle mix. He's a bit cautious around men.

I'm Audrey. See my pretty leopard ears? Its my style, I'm awesome.

This is Daisy she's a big girl! She's a Great Dane / Black Lab mix. She's 1 year old and super sweet!!.

Marley is the buddy of Harley  Yellow Lab

Say hello to Oscar. He's a small Terrier about 6 months old. He's not particular happy to be around children but does get along with other dogs. When trying to take his photo he thought it was so funny to roll in the fresh shavings and act a fool. I guess he wanted his photo to be more special than everyone else' is a young adult male.

This is Princess. She's a Puggle! A young adult. I think she's trying her photo smile  :)

Ebony is a sweet Lab / Retriever Mix about a year old. She's beautiful.

This beautiful Boxer is named ALLIE. She's 3 years old.

Sweet little Pomeranian Mix. A male named MAC. He's a young dog. We'll know more after his wellness check at the vet.

Harley is the buddy of Marley Yellow Lab

I'm Emmy, an akita mix. I have to be in a one dog house. I would work out with a single man or woman that will give me undivided attention. Don't really like kids. I'm about 4 years old.

North Country Animal Shelter 

194 Bare Hill Road

Malone, NY 12953


Milo is a sweet boy.  He's about 4 years old. Golden Retriever Mix.